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Pyrenophora tritici-repentis (Died.) Drechsler [=Drechslera tritici-repentis (Died.) Shoem.]
Classification: Ascomycota, Locuoascomycetes, Dothideales, Pleosporaceae

 Distributed mainly north from Kanto, the central Distr. Causes yellow spot of wheat and stripe of wheatgrass. Sometimes isolated from other grasses or gramineous weeds. Disperses by scattering conidia. Teleomorph produced on the over-wintering stems.

Characteristics: Plant pathogen    

 Teleomorph: Pseudothecia with setae around beak. In cylindrical asci, producing ascospores  hyaline to pale yellow brown, boat-shaped, 42-69 x 14-29 um in size with 1-2 vertical and 3 transverse septa.
 Anamorph: On pale yellow brown conidiophores, producing conidia subhyaline to yellow brown, cylindrical or slightly curved with both ends round and tip cell snake-head shaped, 75-250 x 14-20 um in size with 1-9 pseudosepta.

Conidia (in vitro)

Herbarium specimen in NIAES

Specimen No. Scientific name Host name Host scientific name Symptoms Geographical origin Collected date Collector
135-1-20 Drechslera  tritici-repentis Wheatgrass Agropyron sp. Stripe Asyoro, Hokkaodo 2002.8.27 Tsukiboshi, T.

(Described by Tsukiboshi, T., NIAES, Microbial Systemtics Lab., 2002)

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