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Pyrenophora erythrospila Paul [=Drechslera erythrospila (Drechsler) Shoem.]
 Classification: Ascomycota, Locuoascomycetes, Dothideales, Pleosporaceae

Distributed mainly in the central to northern part of Japan. Causes leaf spot in the gramineous plants of Agrostis such as bentgrass, redtop and other weeds. Disperses by scattering conidia. Teleomorph hardly observed in nature.

Characteristics: Plant pathogen

 Teleomorph: Pseudothecia black with setae around beak. In clavate asci, producing ascospores of pale yellow brown, ellipsoid, 33-70 x 18-28 um in size with 0-2 vertical and 3 transverse septa.
 Anamorph: Conidiophores yellowish brown. Conidia pale yellowish brown to olive brown, cylindrical, straught or slightly cirved, 40-70 x 11-13 um with 2-10 pseudosepta.
Conidiophores Conidia

Herbarium specimen in NIAES

Specimen No. Scientific name Host name Host scientific name Symptoms Geographical origin Collected date Collector
250-2-31 Drechslera erythrospila Redtop Agrostis alba Leaf spot Nishinasuno, Tochigi 1961.5.26 Tominaga, T.
108-1-166 " " " " Nishinasuno, Tochigi 1961.8.6 "
108-1-167 " " " " Saku, Nagano 1961.9.13 "

(Described by Tsukiboshi, T., NIAES, Microbial Systemtics Lab., 2002)

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