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Alternaria alternata (Fr.) Keiss.
Classification: Deuteromycotina, Hyphomycetes

Distributed widely in Japan. Frequently isolated as a leaf inhabitant on various plants and causes brown spot of tobacco, black leaf spot of strawberry and etc. Disperses by scattering conidia. Teleomorph unknown, but thought to be the genus Lewia.

Characteristics: Plant pathogen, Leaf inhabitant

 Teleomorph: Unknown
 Anamorph: On conidiophores pale brown to olive brown, producing conidia pale brown to light brown, obclavate to obpyriform or ellipsoid, short beak at the tip, surface smooth to verruculose, 20-63 x 9-18 um in size, with several vertical and -8 transverse septa. Produced in an often branched, long chain more than 5 conidia.
Conidia Chained conidia

Herbarium specimen in NIAES

Specimen No. Scientific name Host name Host scientific name Symptoms Geographical origin Collected date Collector
257-2-21 Alternaria alternata Tobacco Nicotiana tabacum Brown spot Oota, Ibaraki 1902.7.12
106-1-67 " " " " Takimoto, K.

(Described by Tsukiboshi, T., NIAES, Microbial Systemtics Lab., 2002)

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