Rice-planting by hand (photo: Dr. Mitsunori Oka)

Mission Statement

Monsoon Asia Agro-Environmental Research Consortium

Mission Statement

The mission of MARCO is to promote the development of agro-environmental research in Monsoon Asia in order to achieve sustainable development of agriculture while maintaining the sound agro-ecosystem.


To accomplish the mission defined as above, the objectives of MARCO are as follows:

  • To improve the knowledge on agro-environment and ecosystem services.
  • To develop technologies, standards, and monitoring systems in order to maintain the sound agro-ecosystem and to conserve environmental resources.
  • To develop technologies for and their applicability to the preservation and re-establishment of environmental balances.
  • To foster collaborative research on agro-environment under the Consortium.
  • To exchange research information for sharing advanced knowledge on agro-environment.
  • To make concerted efforts under close collaboration for solving agro-environmental problems.


To achieve the objectives, MARCO shall design the following activities.

  • To organize, sponsor, and co-sponsor seminars, workshops, symposia, and conferences oriented to the objectives of the Consortium.
  • To promote exchanges with professionals through the Consortium.
  • To provide a website as a venue for exchanging information on the Consortium.
  • To help train personnel who will carry on activities under the Consortium.
  • To develop relations with research organizations in the Asian monsoon region for pursuing common objectives
  • To establish relationships with international organizations whose activities are common to those of the Consortium.
  • To strengthen the network among research organizations in the Asian monsoon region whose objectives fall in the domain of those of the Consortium.

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