Distribution Maps of Net Primary Productivity (NPP) of Natural Vegetation and Related Climatic Resources

Hiroshi SEINO 
(National Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences)

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The following distribution maps are included. Please click one.

1. Annual Mean Temperature in Japan
2. Effective Accumulated Temperature in Japan
3. Warmth Index in Japan
4. Coldness Index in Japan
5. Annual Evaporation in Japan
6. Net Primary Productivity in Japan
7. Net Primary Productivity in the World

In this page, the distribution maps of net primary productivity and related climatic resources are presented. We developed an estimation method called "Chikogo Model" of net primary productivity (NPP) of natural vegetation using climate data (Uchijima and Seino, 1985). NPP is the net creation of organic matter by green plants and is utilized by mankind and animals. Therefore, NPP has been steadily studied by the plant ecologists, agronomists, forest scientists and others. Furthermore the fixation of carbon dioxide by vegetation on the Earth is an important link in the biogeochemical cycle of carbon, giving strong effects on CO2 concentration in the atmosphere. In this study, the following climate data sets were used to calculate the NPP under the current and future climate conditions.