Agrogenomics Research Center

Advanced Genomics Laboratory

Supporting genome analysis of agriculturally important organisms such as rice, wheat, soybean, pig and insects

 Recent advances in genome analysis instrumentation, such as next-generation sequencers, have led to surprisingly fast genome DNA decoding speeds. We have isolated and analyzed in detail many genes that have an important role in agriculture.
 In the current research phase, the advanced genomics laboratory continues to use the newest instrumentation for genome analyses of rice, wheat, soybean, pig, and insects. We support genome analysis based on requests from within NIAS and from outside NIAS. We have accelerated the processes for preparation of genomic BAC libraries, genome decoding of new organisms, gene isolation, and development of new plant varieties by the use of precision DNA markers. These processes facilitate genome breeding of new varieties of various crops and it is expected that development time will be reduced.

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    Short read type sequencer (1 machine)
    We obtain about 40 giga (=40 billion) bases each run.
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    Long read type sequencer (2 machines)
    Each machine produces 500 mega (=500 million) bases each run.

Sanger sequencer (5 machines)

We use these machines to determine valuable sequences for gene isolation and to detect the SNPs (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism) through DNA fragment analysis.