Genetically Modified Organism Research Center

Transgenic Silkworm Research Unit

Development of transgenic silkworm for analysis of gene function and productions of recombinant proteins/silks

 We developed a system for stable germline transformation in the silkworm Bombyx mori in 2000. Since then, we have been developing transgenic silkworms for fundamental research and applications. In 2008, we succeeded in producing recombinant silks with new functions in collaboration with companies, universities and public research institutes.
 Our aims are to promote fundamental research and application by identifying gene functions, by producing useful recombinant proteins for tests as drugs and medicines, by developing a human disease model for drug discovery, and by producing new high-performance silks.
 Our near term research goal is to contribute to the creation of new industries by achieving practical uses for recombinant proteins and silks using transgenic silkworms.

  • An adult of transgenic silkworm expressing fluorescent proteins

    Green fl uorescent protein is expressed in wings and other body parts. Red fluorescent protein is expressed in eyes.

  • Trial product to study the properties of fluorescent silks with green and red fl uorescent proteins. (in collaboration with Yumi Katsura International Co., ltd.)