Genetic Resources Center

Classification and Evaluation Research Unit

Classification, identification and character evaluation of microbial genetic resources

 The Classification and Evaluation Research Unit is a research division dealing with microbial genetic resources with in the NIAS Genebank Project. In cooperation with the sub-bank laboratories in other research organizations, the Unit conducts taxonomic studies and character evaluation of microbial genetic resources, including field investigations. Agriculture-related microorganisms, such as plant pathogens that infest crops, are the main research target of the Unit and they are collected and accessions added to the Project as new microbial genetic resources. Based on the recent rapid progress in taxonomic studies, the system for classifying microorganisms has changed remarkably. To ensure the taxonomic reliability of microbial genetic resources distributed from the Project, taxonomic re-evaluation of stock microorganisms, such as anthracnose fungi and crown gall bacteria, is being performed. Phenotypic character data for the stock microorganisms have been accumulated and are being prepared for public access via the internet. DNA nucleotide sequence data useful for species identification are also being added for the accessions. Together with safe and stable preservation of microbial genetic resources, strain sets approved for distribution are being selected from stock microorganisms that were taxonomically re-evaluated. Accessibility to the microbial genetic resources of the Project is being improved for users.

Acervulus of an anthrac nose fungus (needle-like setae and falcate conidia)

Asci of an anthracnose fungus (a sexual organ)

Disease symptom of crown gall of apple (a gall formed on a root)