Genetic Resources Center

Genetic Resources Conservation Research Unit

Introduction and conservation of animal genetic resources, and research on conservation methods and information systems

 As a research section of the NIAS Genebank, our unit introduces and conserves animal genetic resources such as livestock, poultry, and insects in collaboration with sub-banks. We also conduct research on conservation management of genetic resources and related information. The safe and certain conservation of genetic resources such as seeds, plants, animal germ cells, and microorganisms is one of the most important roles of Genebanks. The most suitable forms and methods for preserving genetic resources are investigated to keep them vital. Advanced conservation methods for recalcitrant genetic resources are being investigated, for example improvement in cryopreservation techniques for vegetative propagation. Regarding the information system, the database of passport, evaluation, and storage control has been established and data systems available through the internet have been developed. Various preservation techniques that have been developde so far ensure that valuable genetic resources will be handed over to the next generations

Conservation of animal germ cells

Animal germ cells are preserved for the long-term in liquid nitrogen at -196℃ .

Plant search system