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Plant and Microbial Sciences

  1. Cloning and functional analysis of Eibi1 essential for the retention of leaf water in barley  [PDF ]
  2. Database construction and data release of 24,783 barley full-length cDNAs  [PDF ]
  3. Metabolic engineering by site-directed mutagenesis via gene targeting in plants  [PDF ]
  4. A new cryopreservation method for vegetatively propagated plant genetic resources using aluminum cryo-plates  [PDF ]
  5. A database of plant diseases in Japan to provide unified linkage of information for plant and microorganism genetic resources  [PDF ]
  6. Agricultural significance of the circadian clock of rice in paddy fields  [PDF ]
  7. A common symbiosis gene CCaMK plays a central role in symbiosis between plants and soil microbes  [PDF ]
  8. Identification of ARL8, a host protein that is required for tomato mosaic virus multiplication  [PDF ]

Insect and Animal Sciences

  1. Structural mechanism of juvenile hormone delivery in hemolymph by juvenile hormone-binding protein of silkworm  [PDF ]
  2. Development of a processing technique for antimicrobial fibers using beetle defensin-derived antimicrobial peptide-polymer conjugates  [PDF ]
  3. Identification of the gene responsible for the dimolting mutant of the silkworm Bombyx mori  [PDF ]


Issue: Oct. 2012