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Plant and Microbial Sciences

  1. DNA elements preventing transcriptional gene silencing isolated by a novel screening strategy  [PDF ]
  2. Genome-scale characterization of barley genes using full-length cDNAs  [PDF ]
  3. Development of high-throughput phenotyping software for measuring seed shape  [PDF ]
  4. Molecular identification of a primal gene controlling photoperiodic flowering in soybean  [PDF ]
  5. Identification of natural products that inhibit bacterial wilt, an important disease of crops  [PDF ]
  6. Agricultural significance of the circadian clock of rice in paddy fields  [PDF ]
  7. Surface accumulated α-1,3-glucan allowed fungal plant pathogens to evade hosts’ innate immunity  [PDF ]
  8. A transcription factor NIN is the executor of root nodule development  [PDF ]

Insect and Animal Sciences

  1. High quality sequencing of pig genome and genes  [PDF ]
  2. Identification of a gene for the number of vertebrae in pigs and its utilization in genetic testing for improvement of swine production  [PDF ]
  3. Analysis and utilization of juvenile hormone-mediated induction mechanism in insect metamorphosis repressor gene  [PDF ]
  4. A simple sequence repeat- and single-nucleotide polymorphism-based genetic linkage map of the brown planthopper, Nilaparvata lugens  [PDF ]
  5. Identification of the gene related to Bt toxin resistance in the silkworm, Bombyx mori  [PDF ]
  6. Production of scFv-conjugated “Affinity Silk” by transgenic silkworm technology  [PDF ]
  7. Development of visible marker for transgenic silkworm  [PDF ]
  8. The first successful production of immunodeficient pigs  [PDF ]


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