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Plant and Microbial Sciences

  1. Development of a precise marker excision system in plants  [PDF ]
  2. Characterization and application of a novel herbicide-tolerance gene in rice  [PDF ]
  3. Identification of a gene involved in leaf photosynthesis rate in high yielding rice variety  [PDF ]
  4. Deep-rooting gene enhances drought avoidance in rice  [PDF ]
  5. Identification of the early heading date gene in the Japanese rice cultivar Koshihikari  [PDF ]
  6. Structural analyses of isomaltooligosaccharide-producing enzymes  [PDF ]
  7. Identification of TGW6, a novel gene that improves rice yield by increasing grain length and weight  [PDF ]
  8. Identification of factors that regulate antibiotic production in a plant-protecting bacterium  [PDF ]
  9. Molecular mechanism of Pb1-mediated panicle blast resistance in rice  [PDF ]

Insect and Animal Sciences

  1. Large-scale sequencing and characterization of silkworm full-length cDNAs  [PDF ]
  2. Establishment of a novel cell line of the red flour beetle for applications in insect gene functional analysis  [PDF ]
  3. Generation of porcine offspring for the first time using sperm retrieved from cryopreserved immature testicular tissue  [PDF ]
  4. Development of pest control method using synthetic sex pheromone to disrupt mating in the white grub beetle (Dasylepida ishigakiensis)  [PDF ]
  5. Development of a novel safety testing method using a culture model reflecting a corneal architecture  [PDF ]
  6. Single domain intrabodies against WASP inhibit TCR-induced immune responses in a transgenic mouse model  [PDF ]
  7. Application of high molecular weight intact sericin as a cosmetic material  [PDF ]


Issue: Sep. 2014