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Research Highlights for 2014 pdf all

Plant and Microbial Sciences

  1. Draft sequence of the bread wheat genome  [PDF ]
  2. Establishment of an efficient CRISPR/Cas9 mediated genome editing system in rice  [PDF ]
  3. The universal pinpoint mutagenesis system in rice  [PDF ]
  4. Structural basis for the coevolution of Tomato mosaic virus and the resistance protein Tm-1  [PDF ]
  5. Isolation and genome analysis of biocontrol Pseudomonas strains  [PDF ]
  6. Development of multi-disease resistant rice with increased yield by optimizing gene expression level of WRKY45  [PDF ]

Insect and Animal Sciences

  1. Identification and characterization of a novel carrier protein involved in ant chemical communication  [PDF ]
  2. Synergistic defensive function of raphides and protease  [PDF ]
  3. Cloning of the brown planthopper resistance gene BPH26 from indica rice cultivar induces sucking inhibition  [PDF ]
  4. Start of experimental rearing of transgenic silkworms as ?eType 1 Use?f in an isolated zone  [PDF ]
  5. Advances in transgenic silkworm screening and gene knock-in  [PDF ]
  6. “Tough Silk” produced by transgenic silkworm expressing spider dragline silk protein  [PDF ]
  7. Decoding the draft genome sequence of desiccation tolerant African midge  [PDF ]


Issue: Sep. 2015