About NIAS Science Cafe

The NIAS organizes a 'Science Cafe' on a regular basis to facilitate open communication with the general public in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Researchers from the institute engage in conversation with participants to exchange information on various aspects of research.

Science Cafe at the Open House 2014

  • NIAS CAFE 26 April 18 (Fri) at Owashi Campus
  • 【Session 1】11:00~11:40
    ◆Scent emissions of plants in trouble: How plants protect themselves from diseases and insect pests
    Naoto TAJIMA, Post-doctoral Researcher
    Plant Microbes Interaction Research Unit, Division of Plant Sciences
    【Session 2】13:30~14:10
    ◆Midge in space: Survival of super insects in extreme environment
    Takashi OKUDA, Senior Principal Researcher
    Insect Mimetics Research Unit, Genetically Modified Organism Research Center

    NIAS CAFE 26 April 19 (Sat) at Owashi Campus

    【Session 1】11:00~11:40
    ◆Brand meat: How to make delicious meat products
    Satoshi MIKAWA, Research Unit Head
    Animal Genome Research Unit, Agrogenomics Research Center
    【Session 2】】13:30~14:10
    ◆Insect mimicry as a form of evolution
    Shuichiro TOMITA, Principal Researcher
    Transgenic Silkworm Research Unit, Genetically Modified Organism Research Center

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