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GMO Awareness Programs

The NIAS organizes various activities and programs to increase public awareness on the importance of research in genetically modified organisms. The general public is invited to visit experimental fields cultivated with transgenic crops on a regular basis to allow them to see the safety measures being observed in maintenance of transgenic crops.

Experimental trials of transgenic crop cultivation in the field

  • Cultivation of transgenic crops for exhibition. In order to increase public awareness on safety of GMO, the NIAS is maintaining experimental fields for exhibition of transgenic crops. The experimental fields of transgenic crops, which are grown worldwide and also used in Japan, including insect resistant maize and herbicide resistant soybean are open for viewing to the general public.
  • Cultivation of transgenic rice in isolated fields. Transgenic rice crops including rice with cedar pollen peptide, rice with cedar pollen vaccine, rice with multiple disease resistance, and rice with modulated flowering time response are grown in isolated experimental fields with controlled environment for biosafety purposes. The isolated fields are are open for viewing to the general public.

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