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Annual NIAS Open House

The NIAS Open House is organized annually on the third week of April in conjunction with the Tsukuba Science and Technology Week. Various events, exhibits, lectures and demonstrations are held to give the general public an overview of researches and experiments being conducted in the Kannondai and Owashi campuses.

◆ Overview of NIAS Open House

  • As part of the Science and Technology Week, various research institutes in Tsukuba including NIAS open up their facilities to the public around the middle of April every year. The major objective is to provide the general public an overview of what kind of research is being done at various laboratories.
  • The NIAS opens its doors to the public for two days during the Science and Technology Week, and organizes exhibits, demonstrations, craft-making, special lectures and other activities focusing on genomics, transgenics and genetic resources.
  • The main campus (Kannondai) features DNA extraction, DNA strap-making, mini-tomato propagation, making models of plant hormone models, microscopic photography, stamp rally etc. The Oowashi campus features silkworm phermone induction, silk thread spinning, stinkbug smelling quiz, science cafe etc.

    NIAS Open House 2014 Poster

    Open House Main Campus Guide Map

    Open House Owashi Campus Guide Map