Handbook on Greenhouse Gas Mitigation in Irrigated Rice Paddies

Updated:February 20, 2018 (Tuesday)

The Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences, NARO (NIAES) published the "Handbook of Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification for a Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Project with Water Management in Irrigated Rice Paddies" Version 1.0. The handbook has become available (Online ISBN: 978-4-908914-01-0) from February 16, 2018.

The MRV is a series of processes that includes monitoring or measurement (M), reporting (R), and verification (V) to ensure accuracy and reliability of emissions of greenhouse gas (GHG) and is essential for planning a systematic reduction of GHG emission. The handbook provides basic information necessary for developing MRV methodology for water management in irrigated rice paddies.

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