Public lecture - Drone X Agriculture!

A public lecture on the utilization of drones in agriculture was organized by NARO at the Tsukuba Agricultural Research Hall on November 10, 2018. The lecturer, Dr. Naoki Ishitsuka (Principal Researcher, Division of Informatics and Inventory, Institute for Agro-Environmental Science) gave an overview on the history of drone, its relationship with agriculture, the current situation and problems of using drones for agricultural activities, and expectations for the future. A discussion including Q&A and exchange of opinions with the participants was conducted after the lecture.


Lecture participants

Dr. Naoki Ishitsuka of NIAES

Presentation on operation of drone

Use of drone in agriculture

Participants include the general public

Explanation on operation of drone

Demonstration on how the drone works

Ms. Miho Namba, facilitator, NARO Public Relations Section

NARO Public lecture will be suspended temporarily. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Ms. Miho Namba for doing a great job in organizing the NARO public lectures for this year.