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Visiting New Product Exhibition with ABIC Project Planner-Agri-Food Business Innovation Center, NARO (ABIC)

Date of visit: 6 th - 7th April, 2017
Weather: Cloudy and later rainy

Hello again. This is Narorin♪
In this Narorin Report or Naroripo, I will tell you about my visit to the Agri-Food Business Innovation Center, NARO (ABIC). It is a brand-new research organization in NARO established on April 2016.

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Narorin in Antarctic expedition!!-Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences, NARO (NIAES)

Date of visit: 26th Nov, 2016 ~ 23rd Mar, 2017
Weather: Sunny, cloudy, occasionally snowy

Hello this is Narorin♪ In this Narorin Report or Naroripo, I will tell you about my visit to Antarctica !

Yes, Dr. Kentaro Hayashi, a member of the 58th Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition took me with him. By the way, Dr. Hayashi is a researcher of the Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences, NARO (NIAES), and also the Unit Leader of the Carbon and Nutrient Nexus Unit, Division of Biochemical Cycles.

We boarded on an icebreaker named "Shirase" in Freemantle, Australia. We were scheduled to arrive at Showa Station in Antarctica in about three weeks.

So I got ready for the adventure by wrapping up with my muffler and pin badge of NIAES !!

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Visit to the President-NARO Headquarters

Date of visit: 9th May, 2016
Weather: Cloudy

Hello this is Narorin♪ Today is quite special! This is the first Narorin Report or Naroripo after the re-organization of the new NARO in April 2016.

And this is the place I visited this time... the office of the NARO President: Dr. Tokio IMBE!

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