Technological Capacity for Food Traceability and Food Safety Control Systems through the Use of Nuclear Analytical Techniques

Updated:September 9, 2016 (Friday)

Country (Venue)

China (Beijing)


Dr. Yaeko Suzuki, Senior Researcher, Food analysis research area (Reliability Evaluation Unit)


April 25th 2016 ~April 29th 2016


In the Asia-Pacific Ocean region, Dr. Yaeko Suzuki participated as an expert for the FAO / IAEA technical cooperation project aiming for the construction of the food traceability system. Around 16 countries from the Asia-Pacific region participated in the meeting. The project aims to find solution for the common issues related to food traceability while sharing technology and knowledge. For database sharing, it became necessary for carrying out the validation of analytical techniques of each institution, also they conducted a proficiency test for carbon and nitrogen stable isotope ratios using the rice and chemical substances sponsored by Japan and announced the results. The detailed information on this activity is featured in the Joint FAO / IAEA Food and Environmental Protection Section Newsletter (2016.7 / 25 pages).Click here

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