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Development of "fluorescent flowers" through genetic modification

NARO Institute of Floricultural Science (NIFS) has developed a fluorescent Torenia flower (a so-called “fluorescent flower”) in collaboration with NEC Solution Innovators, Ltd., Inplanta Innovations Inc., and Nara Institute of Science and Technology. The report has been published in Plant Biotechnology. DOI:10.5511/plantbiotechnology.14.0907a

The fluorescent flower was generated, using genetic modification technology, by introducing the fluorescent protein of marine plankton into the Torenia plant.

One of the main features of the achievement is that the flower’s appearance is altered by varying wavelengths of light, which activate the fluorescent protein, and by different filters used in the observation.  Among its methodological details, the report describes useful techniques for improving the visualization.

The fluorescent flowers are on display to the public, for the first time ever, in the special exhibition, "Hikari--the Wonder of Light", at the National Museum of Nature and Science, Ueno, Tokyo, through to February 22, 2015.


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Special Exhibition HIKARI -The Wonder of Light

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