Meeting Agenda

Date: November 21, 2017
Overall Coordinator: Dr. Tsukasa Nagamine, Vice-president, NARO

9:30-9:40 Opening Remarks
Dr. Tokio Imbe, President, NARO
9:30-9:40 Outline of the review process
Dr. Tomoko Nishida, Head, Office of Evaluation, Headquarters, NARO
9:30-9:40 Overview of Research Program
"Towards innovations in agrobiological sciences and biotechnology: Status and prospects"
Dr. Koh-ichi Kadowaki, Research Program Director
Director General, Institute of Agrobiological Sciences, NARO (NIAS)
Chair: Dr. Kiyoshi Asaoka, NIAS
10:35-10:45 Coffee Break
Section 1 Elucidation of biological functions towards "Bio-Agriculture"
10:45-11:25 Project 1 Research to utilize useful functions of plants and microorganisms for agriculture
Dr. Takeshi Fujii, NIAS
Chair: Dr. Yutaka Tabei, NIAS
11:25-12:05 Project 2 Development of research strategies for agricultural insect pest management: functional analyses of insect genes and behavior
Dr. Nobuhiko Nakashima, NIAS
Chair: Dr. Keiko Kadono-Okuda, NIAS
12:05-13:20 Lunch
13:20-13:50 Project 3A Characterization and utilization of the animal immune system
Dr. Hirohide Uenishi, NIAS
Chair: Dr. Masaya Geshi, NIAS
Section 2 Creation of new industries through exploitation of biological functions
13:50-14:20 Project 3B Development of biomedical pig models using genetic engineering techniques
Dr. Dai-ichiro Fuchimoto, NIAS
Chair: Dr. Masaya Geshi, NIAS
14:20-15:00 Project 4 Social implementation of vaccine rice for Japanese cedar pollinosis and the development of novel genome engineering technology to create innovative industries
Dr. Yutaka Tabei, NIAS
Chair: Dr. Takeshi Fujii, NIAS
15:00 -15:20 Coffee Break
15:20-16:00 Project 5 Revolutionize the silk industry through the use of GM technology
Dr. Keiko Kadono-Okuda, NIAS
Chair: Dr. Nobuhiko Nakashima, NIAS
16:00-16:30 Project 6 Promotion of biotech researches and social implementation of their outcomes
Mr. Muneo Yamazaki, NIAS
Chair: Dr. Yutaka Tabei, NIAS
16:30-16:50 Overall Review and Comments
16:50-17:00 Closing Remarks
Dr. Akihiro Sasaki, Senior Vice-president, NARO
18:30-20:30 Reception
Banquet Room "Ciel Blue", Okura Frontier Hotel Tsukuba
Corporate Number 7050005005207