Organizing Committee


Trilateral Committee for Promoting Research Cooperation on Rice (IRRI-JIRCAS-NARO)


Dr. Masahiro Yano, Director-General, NARO Institute of Crop Science

Committee Members

Dr. Hei Leung, IRRI
Dr. Tomohide Sugino, JIRCAS
Dr. Toshiyuki Takai, JIRCAS
Dr. Tsutomu Ishimaru, Central Region Agricultural Research Center, NARO
Dr. Nobuya Kobayashi, NARO Institute of Crop Science
Dr. Takayuki Umemoto, NARO Institute of Crop Science
Dr. Masaya Matsumura, Kyushu Okinawa Agricultural Research Center, NARO

Symposium Secretariat

Dr. Taku Nagai, Head, International Relations Office
Dr. Baltazar Antonio
Dr. Shohei Kobayashi
Ms. Aki Tamura

Corporate Number 7050005005207