Agri-Food Business Innovation Center, NARO


NARO's missions are to provide safe and high-quality food, secure a stable food supply and create a strong aggressive agriculture, to increase Japan's value of exports of agricultural products and foods in oversea market, through the promotion of innovations in agriculture and food. Implementing and maximizing R&D outcomes in society are becoming more and more important nowadays, hence, ABIC aims to provide business matching service, offering information of innovative technology seeds, integrally with the needs-oriented R&D projects making and the transfer of seed-oriented R&D outcomes.

ABIC is made up of four major teams, Project Planer team, Research Promotion and Collaboration team, Technical Information Research team, and Research team.

The Project Planer team plays an important role as a mediator between NARO and universities or companies, by building information network of needs and seeds to promote a wide range of research collaboration and needs-oriented R&D projects making.

The Research Promotion and Collaboration team promotes and strengthens the transfer of NARO's technology seeds through the matching of plant and crop varieties, introduction of new crop varieties and advanced technologies, technology transfer consulting, and network mail magazine publication.

The Technical Information Research team gathers the information inside NARO, for instance, the information of scientists and R&D outcomes to keep research collaboration and project making running smoothly.

Whereas, the Research team works on methodology development for market research, strategy making, as well as, knowledge management to seek out new market opportunities and create new value-chains in agriculture.

We, ABIC, will continue to embrace the relationships between agricultural stakeholders, such as; consumers, farmers, food processing companies, contributors and others, to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and serve citizens to live a fulfilling life with our full strength.

I, a director of ABIC, will do my best as one of the staff of NARO to promote innovations in agriculture and food. We, ABIC, appreciate your continued and further support and cooperation.

April 1, 2018
Mari Maeda-Yamamoto, PhD
Director of Agri-Food Business Innovation Center (ABIC)