Hokkaido Agricultural Research Center, NARO

Division of Crop Breeding Research

We are pursuing the development of cultivars of rice, feed crop, horticultural crop adapted to Hokkaido conditions and conducting evaluation of breeding materials to be utilized in these breeding programs.

The Rice Breeding Group is engaged in breeding of rice cultivars for industrial use, processing use, and animal feed particularly adapted for the Hokkaido region, and the development of high-yielding rice lines with direct seeding adaptability, and assessment of the suitability of rice with a high amylose content for processing.

The Forage Crop Breeding Group is pursuing the breeding of corn with high grain yield for forage, orchardgrass with a high sugar content, Festulolium with good aptitude for grazing, galega with good aptitude for mixed seeding, and alfalfa that can withstand machine trampling.

The Horticultural Crop Breeding Group is involved in breeding of early maturing onion cultivars that can be easily processed and breeding of pumpkin cultivars with high storage stability and good aptitude for processing.

The Pre-breeding Group is engaged with the development of breeding materials and selection markers for accelerating the breeding of rice cultivars suitable for direct seeding, and the development of selection indices for storage stability of pumpkin.



Research Groups