Hokkaido Agricultural Research Center, NARO

Division of Farming System Research

Farming in Hokkaido is progressing to larger scales ahead of Honshu (the main island of Japan). The average cultivated land area per household has reached 40 to 50 ha .This is almost the same level as the agricultural management scale in developed countries in the west such as UK (79 ha), Germany (56 ha), France (53 ha), and USA (170 ha).

Recently, farmers with land area of 100ha has also appeared. Hence need for labor-saving and unmanned agricultural work are rapidly expanding. For this reason, it is an urgent need for research and development for production technology that is suitable for wide spread dissemination of advanced agricultural technology such as smart agriculture, which is put to practical use, and for large-scale upland crop production in Hokkaido.

Technologies such as production control, labor saving for large-scale production utilizing ICT (information communication technology), and cropping system for highly profitable large-scale crop rotation are required to respond to these situations. We are researching and developing production support technology for stabilizing production and labor saving by utilizing production technology and weather information.



Research Groups

  • ICT Farming Group
  • Crop Rotation System Group
  • Meteorological Information Group
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