Hokkaido Agricultural Research Center, NARO

Division of Lowland Farming Research

We are conducting research aimed at promoting advanced labor saving technique for farming to facilitate the establishment of large-scale paddy field crop rotation and highly profitable farming system.

Agricultural activities in Hokkaido have been developed amidst vast land resources that are not found in other regions of Japan. However with the continuous decrease in the number of farmers especially in areas engaged in paddy field farming, the development of technology for large scale lowland farming has become an urgent task. Towards this goal, the Division of Lowland Farming Research is promoting the following researches:

(1) Development of new technologies using ICT in order to reduce the workload in spring of rice cultivation by sparse transplanting and ground leveling in the previous year for direct sowing in well-drained paddy fields with the aim of establishing a large-scale lowland farming system particularly adaptable to Hokkaido where the cropping season is limited.

(2) Development of a lowland crop rotation system that will enable both labor saving and improvement in the yield of rice and other crops such as wheat and soybeans in converted fields.

(3) Evaluation of the effectiveness in improving management with the introduction of new technologies in order to accelerate the promotion of these technologies. The establishment of highly profitable farming models including cultivation of open-field vegetables such as onions in large-scale lowland farming.



Shigeru OITA

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