Institute of Agricultural Machinery, NARO


The Institute of Agricultural Machinery at NARO (abbreviated designation: IAM/NARO) is a prioritized research center established for collaborating agricultural work and ICT technologies, with a strong emphasis on interdisciplinary cooperation.

The mission of IAM/NARO is to play a central role in the development of advanced and innovative agricultural machinery, by utilizing interdisciplinary technologies, such as robotics and ICT to achieve smart agriculture, as the agricultural structure of Japan changes significantly with the reduction and aging farmers. Needless to say, this would include dealing problems which production sites faces, such as the mechanization of vegetable and fruit farming, as well as time saving, cost reduction, and generalization of paddy rice and dry field crop farming and precision animal feed management. Apart from these issues, the reduction of environmental burden, such as energy conservation of agricultural machinery and equipment, as well as contribution towards effective safety measures for agricultural work are also included.

This recent organizational integration of NARO significantly changed the internal organizational structure of the research center to swiftly deliver research and development results to society. We at IAM/NARO aim to not only develop advanced and fundamental technologies to achieve social implementation of smart agriculture but also promote mechanical development at regional levels and develop a new agricultural production system that greatly surpasses the framework of conventional mechanization research in agriculture.

To achieve a society that implements smart agriculture and to develop a totally new agricultural production system, we develop not only leading edge, basic technology but also machinery for regional needs, and collaborate with agricultural machinery research fields both inside and outside NARO and a holistic R&D that combines breeding and cultivation system. We consider that normalization and standardization of information technology, and developing a safe operating environment is important for the implementation of innovative leading-edge agricultural machinery to the fields.

IAM/NARO is a research organization that carries on the agricultural robot and information research undertaken by the Agricultural Research Center of NARO located in Tsukuba, in addition to the development and research, as well as national test and safety check intended for social implementations, which were conducted as a part of the agricultural machinery promotion work at the former Bio-oriented Technology Research Advancement Institution in Saitama City. The impacts of such results, however, is not contained within the framework of agricultural machinery. We not only intend to collaborate with such internal research organizations as respective regional agricultural research centers of NARO but also promote collaboration with such entities as universities and public agricultural research organizations, leaders of agricultural industries, agricultural machinery manufacturers and associated organizations, regional administrations and promotional organizations, agricultural organizations, commerce and industry associated entities, as well as private and public corporations, universities, and technical colleges, in order to promote social implementation of research results in a more effective and efficient manner in the future.

We wholeheartedly ask for your understanding, cooperation and support.

Institute of Agricultural Machinery, NARO