Institute of Agricultural Machinery, NARO

Electronic control unit certified by ISOBUS

First domestic technology compliant with global standard

An electronic control unit indispensable for information and communication between vehicles and attached implements developed by NARO in collaboration with a private enterprise acquired the official certification of the international standard "ISOBUS", the first time for a domestic technology to be certified for global compatibility. With this compliance to international standards, connection compatibility across barriers is guaranteed when interconnecting equipment (vehicles, attached implements etc.) from different manufacturers.


NARO collaborated with the Agricultural Information Design Co., Ltd. to develop an electronic control unit (ECU) for agricultural machinery, and as a result, formal certification of ISOBUS, an international standard for communication control common technology was obtained, the first time for a domestic technology.

ISOBUS is the ISO 11783 international communication protocol that sets the standard for agricultural electronics upon certification according to the guidelines defined by the Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation (AEF). In the USA and Europe, it is widely used mainly for large agricultural machinery as a global standard of connection compatibility of tractors and attached implements. The ECU for granular fertilizer applicator acquired ISOBUS certification guaranteeing seamless operation when connected with any vehicle in the world that has an operation terminal (virtual terminal) compatible with ISOBUS. It is also possible to display the status of the work machine and to send operation commands by common operation.

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Figure 1: External appearance of ECU for granular fertilizer applicator
The size of the developed ECU is 135 mm (width) x 85 mm (high) x 40 mm (thick) excluding protrusions. Permission is indicated as authentication sticker "ISOBUS certification machine"

Figure 2: Positioning of ECU for granular fertilizer applicator in the network
ECU bridges the manufacturer's proprietary distributor control unit and the ISOBUS network.

Figure 3: Sample display of a commercially available virtual terminal
Equivalent input / output functions are guaranteed for different virtual terminals.
(Left: "Tellus GO" terminal from K company, Right: "X30" terminal from T company)