Food Research Institute, NARO

Food Hygiene Unit

The Food Hygiene Unit has the following research objectives: (1) to evaluate and improve food hygiene condition in crop fields or food facilities; (2) to kill or control the growth of pathogenic or spoilage bacteria contaminated into food by using chemical or biological methods; and (3) to detect and measure (injured) pathogenic bacteria in food. We have participated in a national research project to deal with some practical problems those relate to injured bacteria. We have also conducted several collaborative studies with foreign researchers in the field of bacterial food hygiene control. Several Asian researchers stayed in NFRI and worked with us for one year as UNU-Kirin fellows.

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Unit Leader

INATSU Yasuhiro
Research Topics: Food hygiene

Unit Members

Research Topics:
KAWASAKI Susumu Principal Scientist Food hygiene
HOSOTANI Yukie Principal Scientist Food hygiene