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There are a lot of useful bacteria which are utilized for the production of fermented food or for other food industries. We focus on two bacterial products: poly-γ-DL-glutamate, an amino acid homopolymer produced by Bacillus subtilis natto; and cyclic isomaltooligosaccharides (cyclodextrans or CIs) produced by Bacillus circulans. We aim to elucidate the regulatory and metabolic systems that control the synthesis of these bacterial products and to improve their productivity.

Primary research themes

  • Biosynthesis of bacterial oligosaccharides
     Cyclodextrans (CIs) are cyclic oligosaccharides consisted of 7 to 17 molecules of α-1,6 linked glucose residues. CIs are extremely water-soluble, they inhibit the activity of glucansucrases strongly and this characteristic can be useful for anti-plaque substances. CIs with ten or more glucose molecules show strong inclusion ability. We are trying to clarify the structures and mechanisms of those enzymes that are involved in producing CIs in order to increase the productivity of CIs and to develop the product specificity.
  • Mechanism by which Bacillus subtilis natto produces a sticky substance
     We are examining the gene function related to the production of poly-γ-DL-glutamate, the main ingredient of the sticky substance produced by natto bacteria. If we can clarify how this polymer is produced, it will be possible to vary the degree of polymerization and thus the stickiness of the substance. The findings will have important implications in the food industry.

Introduction of members

   Kazumi Funane
  Specialization - applied biochemistry

Senior Researcher
  Keitarou Kimura
  Specialization - applied microbiology

Contract members: 4 (as of February 2013)

Main publications

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