Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences, NARO

Chemical Substances Effect Assessment Unit

Agricultural chemicals are essential materials for the control of pests and weeds in Japan's agricultural production. However, it has been concerned that some of the pesticides used in the agricultural land which flow into the river may affect the ecosystem. Therefore, we develop a simple and effective method that can test the toxicity of pesticides on aquatic insects and periphytic algae. We also promote the development of method for risk assessment pertaining to biodiversity in consideration of the difference in sensitivity among various organisms. Moreover, we conduct the research to evaluate exposure concentration of pesticides in aquatic organisms while monitoring agricultural chemicals in the river and predicting the dynamics of pesticides using mathematical model.


Unit Leader

Keiya INAO

Unit Members

Kazuhisa OHTSU Senior Researcher
Takashi NAGAI Principal Researcher
Atsushi YOKOYAMA Senior Researcher