Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences, NARO

Ecosystem Services Assessment Unit

Human society mainly relies on many ecosystem services delivered by the ecosystem including biodiversity, directly and indirectly. Agriculture sector also enjoys the services such as water supply (provisioning), pest control and/or pollination (regulating) services while agroecosystems (including food production system, with human and non-human components and activities in the area) delivers food provision services to our society typically, as well as other services, such as landscape conservation. We are currently focusing on visualization of those ecosystem services. For example, in agriculture, as pollination is an essential ecosystem service delivered by biodiversity to crop production, one of the missions is development of assessment methods for pollinator contribution to crop production. It may contribute to making the people realize the value of biodiversity. On the other hand, traditional components of agroecosystems, such as meadow, hedge or boundary trees are connected to long-term cultural tradition, providing important habitats for wild plants and animals. Ecosystem services, as noted above, are the contributions of agroecosystems to maintaining local biodiversity including cultural diversity. We are conducting researches to understand the function of those components, which may reveal the value of traditional agroecosystem.


Unit Leader

Akihiro KONUMA

Unit Members

Satoru OKUBO Principal Researcher
Yoshinobu KUSUMOTO Principal Researcher
Tsunashi KAMO Principal Researcher
Soichi KUGIMIYA Principal Researcher
Yoshinori TOKUOKA Senior Researcher