Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences, NARO

Division of Biodiversity

Agricultural ecosystems consist of farmland, grassland, forest, land water, road, residential area and so forth. Then, wide range of living organisms, including crops inhabit in the ecosystem locally and/or widely, and interact with each other, for examples-by means of competition, symbiosis/parasitism, predation, pollination, and hybridization. Food production is needed for human to survive. On the other hand, biodiversity is needed for environmental sustainability. We aim at sound compatibility between agricultural production and biodiversity conservation.

To achieve this target, we conduct research on the following themes:

  • to investigate the impact of difference in crop cultivation methods and changes in land use on agricultural biodiversity
  • to develop the assessment techniques for ecosystem services, and to visualize the value of natural environment to agriculture, and vice versa
  • to monitor invasive alien species
  • to conduct the general risk and benefit assessment of foreign pastures
  • to develop assessment methods on impact of genetically modified crops on domestic natural environment
  • to develop the risk assessment methods of paddy pesticides on riverine ecosystem
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    Yashiro YOGO

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