Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences, NARO

Climate Change Adaptation Unit

Our tasks are to help farmers adapt to the climate change and reduce weather risks in their agricultural production. To achieve these goals, we are developing a climate-smart tool, which is an information system with functions of early warning for agro-meteorological disasters and decision support for farmers' practice to improve/keep crop yield and quality under changing climates.

Our climate-smart tool is based on an agro-meteorological grid data system which can provide 1-km grid square data of meteorological elements, such as daily mean air temperature, humidity and precipitation, for the territory of Japan. Rasterized observed values, regridded and corrected numerical forecasts of Japan Meteorological Agency and the normal year values are connected seamlessly in the data. Other important components of the climate-smart tool are crop simulation models and algorithm to create decision support information for farmers. We are developing and improving crop simulation models of rice, wheat and soybean to simulate growth, phenological development, yield and quality. Among them, the use of genetic information to efficiently determine the parameters of crop models is a new challenge to meet the requirements for quick inclusion of novel cultivars information to the climate-smart tool.


Unit Leader


Unit Members

Research Topic
Hiroyuki OHNO Principal Researcher Meteorological data system
Atsushi MARUYAMA Principal Researcher Micrometeorological modeling of cropland
Kaori SASAKI Senior Researcher Meteorological data system
Hiroe YOSHIDA Senior Researcher Crop modeling
Satoshi NAKANO Senior Researcher Crop modeling
Erina FUSHIMI Researcher Crop modeling