Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences, NARO

Climate Impact Assessment Unit

Our research unit aims to elucidate the influence of climate change on the major crop production and to project the impacts on the instability in food supply on regional (Japanese and monsoon Asian countries) and global scales.
In order to achieve this mission, we have set up following three subjects:
(1) Downscaling of climate change scenarios for general use
(2) Current estimation and future projection for rice
(3) Understanding the global agro-environmental change and suggesting the solution for global food security.
Specifically, we evaluate the climate impact on rice yield and quality by using numerical models, that can simulate the crop responses to environmental change derived from the experimental results of increased CO2 concentration and temperature on practical paddy fields (upper-right panel) for the period from 2030 to 2050 (global surface air temperature rises 1.5-2.0°C) and around 2090 (global temperature rises approximately 4.0°C). In addition, we target the climate impact on various types of agriculture on the earth, such as the extensive agriculture that is operated by family members and regional management in monsoon Asia (bottom left) and the global scale cereal production (bottom right) based on the downscaled climate change scenarios and their uncertainties (upper left).



Unit Leader

Research Topics : Climate Analysis & Downscaling


Unit Members

Research Topics
Mingyuan DU Senior Principal Researcher Ecosystem Monitoring for Climatic Change
Hiromitsu KANNO Senior Principal Researcher Seasonal Climate Variations & Crop Production
Yasushi ISHIGOOKA Principal Researcher Agro-climatic Change
Wonsik KIM Senior Principal Researcher Agro-meteorological Nowcast
Toshichika IIZUMI Senior Researcher Global Climate-Crop Analysis