Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences, NARO

Crop-Climate Interaction Unit

We investigate the impact of the global climate change on the production of crops and agro-meteorological environment. Increase in temperature and atmospheric CO2 concentration influences the crop yield and grain quality through the several eco-physiological processes. Photosynthesis of crop increases under elevated atmospheric CO2 concentration conditions, but the total absorbed solar radiation by crop tends to decrease with increasing air temperature resulting to the decline of the crop growth period. The risk of heat-induced spikelet sterility of crop increases under high temperature condition. Exchanges in heat, water, carbon and nitrogen among air, plant and soil are key processes in crop response to the climate change. These processes influence crop growth directly and also indirectly through the change in microclimate of crop canopy, and the change in microclimate also affects local climate.

We are making observational and theoretical studies of the above processes. Free-air CO2 enrichment (FACE) facility is one of the observation platforms, in which crop can be cultivated under elevated atmospheric CO2 concentration conditions in an open-field ( On the basis of observational results, we are developing eco-physiological process-based crop model, which simulates crop growth, yield and grain quality of rice under various climate and atmospheric CO2 concentration conditions. Results of our research can be used as fundamental information for designing adaptation and mitigation strategies of agriculture against the predicted climatic changes.


Unit Leader

Research Topics : Meteorology & Environmental biophysics

Unit Members

Research Topics
Mayumi YOSHIMOTO Senior Principal Researcher Modeling of crop micrometeorology and stresses under climate change
Minehiko FUKUOKA Principal Researcher Modification of crop micrometeorology for stress mitigation & Meteorological instrumentation
Hidemitsu SAKAI Principal Researcher Crop response to climate change
Keisuke ONO Senior Researcher Crop micrometeorology
Hiroki IKAWA Researcher Meteorology-crop interaction

Research Publications

  • Hasegawa T, Sakai H, Tokida T, Usui Y, Yoshimoto M, Fukuoka M, Nakamura H, Shimono H, Okada M (2015) Rice free-air carbon dioxide enrichment studies to improve assessment of climate change effects on rice agriculture. Advances in Agricultural Systems Modeling Volume 7: doi:10.2134/advagricsystmodel7.2014. 0015
  • Fukui S, Ishigooka Y, Kuwagata T, Hasegawa T (2015) A methodology for estimating phenological parameters of rice cultivars utilizing data from common variety trials. J Agric Meteorol 71(2): 77-89
  • Kuwagata T, Ishigooka Y, Fukuoka M, Yoshimoto M, Hasegawa T, Usui Y, Sekiguchi T (2014) Temperature difference between meteorological station and nearby farmland -case study for Kumagaya City in Japan. SOLA 10: 45-49 (doi:10.2151/sola.2014-010)
  • Ono K, Maruyama A, Kuwagata T, Mano M, Takimoto T, Hayash K, Hasegawa T, Miyata A (2013) Canopy-scale relationships between stomatal conductance and photosynthesis in irrigated rice. Global Change Biology 19: 2209-2220