Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences, NARO

Insect Systematics Unit

The identification of insects and nematodes, even if they are pest species, is difficult due to the abundant amount of species in the world. Based on around 1.35 million insect and nematode specimens deposited in the insect museum of our institute, we are making databases of specimens. Scientific names with label data and images of nearly one thousand primary type specimens are presently available in our web page. We have already published lists of some of our collections like Habu collection (Carabidae 22,914 specimens) and Sorin collection (Aphididae 4,326 slides) with label data. These specimens provide useful information on the insect and nematode fauna of Japan and other Asian countries.

When new pests occur, we should identify the species soon. Therefore, we often utilize the specimens of our insect museum for morphological comparison. Also, in this aspect, it is necessary to make lists of the specimens of our museum with label data. Besides the dry adult specimens, we are also collecting immature stages such as eggs, larvae and pupae with the DNA barcode data available for some specimens.


Unit Leader


Unit Members

Yukinobu NAKATANI Principal Researcher
Masaaki ARAKI Re-employed Staff
Junsuke YAMASAKO Researcher
Koji YASUDA Re-employed Staff