Institute for Agro-Environmental Sciences, NARO

Integrated Assessment Unit

Our major research subjects are (1) Development of assessment method for integrated influence of agricultural activities, and (2) Advanced usage and disseminating of agro-environmental information, using various information concerning agriculture.
(1) Development of assessment method for integrated influence of agricultural activities
Agriculture brings various benefits such as food production and multi-dimensional function. On the other hand, it has several impacts on the environment such as greenhouse gas emission, eutrophication etc. The relationship among them is very complicated. For example, although nitrogen fertilizer can increase crop yield, excessive usage causes eutrophication of river, lake and groundwater. We work on developing assessment method for integrated influence by the agricultural activities.
(2) Advanced usage and dissemination of agro-environmental information
NIAES accumulates agro-environmental inventory for information about climate, soil, insects, microorganisms etc. The inventory becomes more valuable by combination of different kind of information. We work on making new information to combine agro-environmental information with other information such as geographical information and statistical information. Moreover, we disseminate these information as "open data" for easy utilization.


Unit Leader

Kiyotada HAYASHI
Research Topic :Life cycle Assessment

Unit Members

Research Topic
Takuji KIURA Principal Researcher Agro-informatics
Longlong TANG Researcher Life cycle assessment