National Institute of Animal Health, NARO

Bacterial Pathogenesis Unit

Our research unit is pursuing research on bacterial infectious diseases of livestock, in particular those in bovine, swine and honey bees. We are trying to clarify the relationships between pathogenesis and bacteriological characteristics including antimicrobial susceptibilities, capsule types, serotypes and genotypes and trying to establish and improve diagnostic, therapeutic and prevention methods by using the knowledge obtained from the studies. In addition, we are interested in a variety of bacteria lurking in honey and trying to find strains available for promoting honey bee health. By utilizing the knowledge and experiences accumulated in these studies, we are also doing diagnostic service of livestock diseases and taking charge of technical training on livestock healthcare.
The main themes are:

  • 1) To reveal pathogenic mechanisms of foulbroods in honey bees.
  • 2) To investigate antibiotic resistance and antibiotic-producing ability of bacteria isolated from honey and to identify genes responsible for the ability.
  • 3) To elucidate the relationship between serotypes and pathogenicity in streptococcal infections in swine.
  • 4) To elucidate antibiotic resistance mechanisms of Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae.
  • 5) To develop methods for detecting mutations involved in antibiotic resistance of bovine Mycoplasma.

  • Unit Leader

  • Daisuke TAKAMATSU

  • Unit Members