National Institute of Animal Health, NARO

Division of Bacterial and Parasitic Disease

Our research project covers a wide range of bacterial and parasitic diseases of domestic animals, fowls and bees. For the effective disease prevention, detection, diagnostic procedure based on the characteristics of each pathogen and the establishment of the disease control technology are essential. Some bacteria such as Escherichia coli, Campylobactor, Salmonella colonize intestine of food animals without any symptoms and cause human food poisoning through animal products. For the food safety, monitoring of carriage of these pathogens in domestic animals and anti-biotic resistance phenotype of these pathogens would be important.

First of all, we elucidate molecular mechanisms of bacterial and parasitic diseases by such as genome analysis of these pathogens. Also, we are going to develop safety and effective vaccine by comprehensive studies based on the biology of the pathogen, the nature of the disease, the target animal species' immune systems and the molecule of vaccine candidate. We are also engaged on development of biosecurity techniques and systems to prevent the introduction of pathogens into a farm and diffusion from a farm and to prevent the spread of pathogen to uninfected animals within a herd or farm. Furthermore, we develop genotyping method for foodborne pathogens and monitor the genotype and anti-biotic phenotype of these organisms.


Yoshihiro SHIMOJI

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