National Institute of Animal Health, NARO

Parasitic Disease Unit

The Parasitic Disease Unit performs research associated with pathogens and pathogenic mechanism in parasitic diseases and fungal infections of livestock. We conduct a survey and research aimed at improving the diagnosis and control technology.

In parasitic diseases, our research work cover hemoprotozoan parasitic diseases such as Theileriosis which is a serious problem in grazing cattle. We are also developing a control method of blood-sucking arthropods (ticks and horse flies) that increased importance from the point of pathogen mediated. We recently developed a portable near infrared measuring device that can detect anemia in cattle quickly and easily on sight.

This unit also conducts researches about animal mycosis. We identify the pathogen of animal mycosis, using improved technique with obtained results. We accept samples from prefectural livestock hygiene service centers, universities and the public zoo. These obtained results have been utilized for measures of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of animal diseases in the veterinary clinical field.

Unit Leader


Unit Members

  • Itsuro YAMANE
  • Yasuko HANAFUSA
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