Institute of Crop Science, NARO

Breeding Strategies Research Unit

Even if the traditional system of a crop breeding has been produced lots of valuable cultivars, the breeding process by only phenotypic selection is hugely laborious and susceptible to error in the selection. The DNA marker-assisted selection has recently raised the efficiency of the establishment of new cultivars, and the advancement in DNA sequence analysis, simulation study such as genomic prediction and molecular tools for the promotion of outcrossing have potential to open a new era in a crop breeding. Here we are researching to make useful and efficient breeding strategies of crop species mainly rice and wheat. The goals of our research are 1) Enhancement of the genetic variation by using multi-parental cross and recurrent cross, 2) Development of the practical methods for DNA marker-assisted selection and genomic prediction, 3) Establishment of the molecular breeding research base such as genome-wide DNA markers and 4) Breeding implementation of our research outcomes. The achievement obtained from our work will contribute to creating novel breeding systems for assisting the breeders to produce new cultivars.

Unit Leader


Unit Members

Research Topics
Junichi TANAKA Principal Researcher Development of new breeding systems using male-sterility of autogamous crop species .
Goro ISHIKAWA Senior Researcher Development of high-throughput genotyping platform for wheat and barley.
Fuminori KOBAYASHI Senior Researcher Genome analysis and development of DNA markers for wheat breeding.
Daisuke OGAWA Researcher Establishment and analysis of MAGIC population in rice.