Institute of Crop Science, NARO

Field Omics Research Unit

Great advancement of crop genomics study has led to the identification of a number of genes associated with agricultural important traits and more effective improvement of crop plants based on applied genomics approaches. However, many complicated traits that are controlled by multiple genetic factors have remained unclear. Omics analysis is a powerful tool to comprehensively analyze a molecular dynamics associated with a specific biological event and would enable us to evaluate a physiological phenomenon and an environmental response more accurately. Therefore, an approach based on the omics analysis would be useful for exploration of new technology in crop plant improvement. Field Omics Research Unit is performing researches with rice and soybean based on molecular genetics, genetics and biochemistry as well as omics analysis such as transcriptomics, proteomics, and metabolomics, and trying to clear the molecular mechanism on environmental stress resistance, response, and adaptation such as moisture resistance in soybean, nutrient usage and adjustment of flowering time in rice.

Unit Leader

Hironori ITOH

Unit Members

Research Topic
Yusaku UGA Senior Researcher
Yuko OGO Senior Researcher Rice, Flowering
Hinako TAKEHISA Researcher Rice, Transcriptome, Growth physiology, Molecular Genetics
Yutaka SATO Senior Researcher Rice, Transcriptome, Growth physiology, Molecular Genetics

Research Publications

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