Institute of Crop Science, NARO

Division of Field Crop Research

The Division of Field Crop Research mainly carries out breed improvement of resource crops such as soybean, sweet potato and sesame, as well as improving genome information useful for breed improvement, genetic analysis of important traits, quality research related to processing suitability. We have developed small black soybeans, finely edible sweet potatoes, excellent new varieties that can yield field crops within short cultivation periods, soybean varieties that are difficult to repel even after maturation, soybean varieties with less allergen protein, sesame lignan (sesamin / sesamolin) with high functional ingredient group etc. In addition to identifying various useful genes that can contribute to acceleration of breeding cultivars and developing DNA markers, we also develop research resources such as preparation and publication of soybean genome database and creation of chromosome replacement line of soybean. In addition, we elucidate the formation mechanism of tofu, factors of hardness of cooked soybeans, texture related ingredients of sweet potato, etc., and also we are transmitting basic information necessary for cultivating high quality field crop varieties. Based on these experiences, we are also actively involved in the joint cooperation with administrative officials, end users, universities, etc. Hence this division is known to be an essential research base.




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