Institute of Crop Science, NARO

Soybean Breeding Unit

The aim of the Soybean Breeding Unit is to develop new high-yielding and high-quality soybean varieties which are suitable for warm regions in Japan and to elucidate the traits related to soybean processing properties. Japanese domestic soybeans have received high acclaim from food manufacturers and consumers for their quality. But they have some demerits such as less yield compared with the major soybean producing nations, and unstable annual production and price. To solve these problems, we are developing new varieties that have resistance against diseases and insects, lodging tolerance, pod shattering resistance, or yielding stability in mechanical farming.

Recently, We have released 'Sachiyutaka A1 gou', 'Fukuyutaka A1 gou' and 'Enreinosora'. In these new soybean varieties, the pod shattering resistant trait was incorporated into major Japanese varieties using DNA markers and back-crossing methods. These new varieties can significantly reduce harvesting loss and contribute to the stability of soybean production.

We are currently developing more high-yielding varieties with high-quality and distinctive varieties in their seed composition or seed coat color and we are also elucidating the traits related to processing properties of tofu and boiled soybean.


Unit Leader


Unit Members

Koji TAKAHASHI Principal Researcher
Kyoko TODA Principal Researcher
Tetsuya YAMADA Senior Researcher
Nanjo YOHEI Senior Researcher
Setsuzo YUMOTO Researcher