Institute of Crop Science, NARO

Rice Applied Genomics Research Unit

Rice is inhabited around the world, and shows numerous morphological and physiological differences as phenotypic variations. Some of such variations have been used as genetic resources to improve rice plants to satisfy human's need. Phenotypic variations considered to be genetically controlled by collective function of large number of genes on rice genome. However, genetic bases and biological functions of most of them are still unknown, which prevented us from wider practical using of any of rice germplasm. Rice Applied Genomics Research Unit exploits useful phenotypic variations from wide rice germplasms, and clarifies the genes involving them with biological functions by aid of recent advance of genome information and technology. Also, the unit tries to develop new breeding materials and to propose more effective breeding methodology. Through these research activities, the unit aims to establish a consecutive road map from genome information of rice germplasm to actual breeding.

Unit Leader

Research Topics :Marker assisted breeding, Yield components

Unit Members

Research Topics
Shuichi FUKUOKA Principal Researcher Germplasm enhancement, Blast resistance
Ritsuko MIZOBUCHI Principal Researcher Resistance to bacterial seedling/grain rot
Utako YAMANOUCHI Senior Researcher QTL mapping, Seed dormancy
Kiyosumi HORI Senior Researcher QTL mapping, Grain quality, Flowering time
Tadamasa UEDA Senior Researcher QTL cloning, Photosynthesis

Research Publications

  • Shibaya T, Hori K, Ogiso-Tanaka E, Yamanouchi U, Shu K, Kitazawa N, Shomura A, Ando T, Ebana K, Wu J, Yamazaki T, Yano M (2016) Hd18, encoding histone acetylase related to Arabidopsis FLOWERING LOCUS D, is involved in the control of flowering time in rice Plant and Cell Physiology 57(9):1828-1838
  • Hori K, Matsubara K, Yano M (2016) A novel Tos17 insertion upstream of Hd1 alters flowering time in rice Plant Breeding 135(5): 588-592
  • Hori K, Matsubara K, Uga Y, Yano M (2016) Genetic control of flowering time in rice: integration of Mendelian genetics and genomics Theoretical and Applied Genetics (Online First Articles; DOI: 10.1007/s00122-016-2773-4)
  • Hori K (2016) Detection of genetic factors responsible for grain quality and cooking characteristics of Japanese rice cultivars Nippon Shokuhin Kagaku Kogaku Kaishi 63(10): 484-487
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Review Papers

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