Institute of Crop Science, NARO

Rice Quality Research Unit

The Rice Quality Research Unit has two main research subjects, namely, (1) evaluation of varietal differences in grain quality components, and (2) further utilization of rice and rice flour for value added products.

Evaluations of varietal differences in grain quality components are performed using wide range of genetic resources including the rice germplasm collection from the NARO Genebank, induced mutants, transposon-tagged lines, TILLING lines etc. We are engaged in identifying the responsible genes which determines the rice quality, and work with breeders to introduce superior quality traits into promising lines.

In order to increase the utilization of value added rice products, we have developed a new procedure utilizing koji mold or protease to produce rice bread without adding wheat gluten. We are also working to produce rice-based foods fortified with functional nutrients.

Unit Leader

Takayuki UMEMOTO
Research Topics :Starch properties and cooked or processed rice quality

Unit Members

Research Topics
Keitaro SUZUKI Principal Researcher Multiple physico-chemical measurements of
rice quality, Value added rice products
Etsuko ARAKI Principal Researcher Rice flour products, Genetic evaluation of
functional nutrients