Institute of Crop Science, NARO

Wheat and Barley Quality and Applied Genomics Research Unit

One main research subject of our unit is grain quality and processing suitability of wheat and barley. For better wheat quality, we investigate amylose variation (one of flour starch component) and factors controlling good flour color. The former influences texture of noodles etc., the latter is related to color of food made of wheat. For barley, processing properties of cultivars with high β-glucan content is investigated. β-Glucan is major dietary fiber which is distributed in cell wall of barley grain endosperm. This research will enhance utilities of barely grains rich in β-glucan as a value-added food.The other subject is tolerance to pre-harvest sprouting of wheat and barley and resistance of wheat to soil borne wheat disease. In order to reinforce genetic tolerance to pre-harvest sprouting, we will identify genes controlling seed dormancy, use natural and induced mutations. Gene manipulation technologies are also applied. For soil borne wheat disease caused by Japanese soil-borne wheat mosaic virus and Chinese wheat mosaic virus, resistance in wheat cultivars will be screened and evaluated.

Unit Leader

Research Topic : To develop and characterize wheat with various amylose content in flour

Unit Members

Research Topic
Shigenobu KANEKO Principal Researcher Analyses of milling qualities of wheat for improvement in flour color
Shingo NAKAMURA Principal Researcher Identification of the genes responsible for natural variation in seed dormancy
Yasunori ICHINOSE Principal Researcher Analyses of processing characteristics in high β-glucan barley cultivar
Noriko KOHYAMA Principal Researcher Analyses of constituents such as flavor and phenolic compounds responsible for barley and wheat grain qualities
Makiko CHONO Principal Researcher To develop and characterize wheat lines with improved tolerance to pre-harvest sprouting
Fumitaka ABE Senior Researcher Analyses of seed dormancy genes using genetic transformation technique in wheat
Yumiko FUJITA Senior Researcher To investigate the soil-borne diseases of wheat caused by Furovirus in Japan