Institute of Livestock and Grassland Science, NARO

Embryo Production Research Unit

The aim of our research is to develop an efficient system of "in vitro production", "cryopreservation" and "selection" of sperm and oocytes of domestic animals, which together can make fertilized eggs with high abilities to develop to term after embryo transfer. Oocytes are the source of future eggs stored in large quantities in the ovaries, though 99.9% of those are to be lost in the ovary. Therefore, we are developing a culture system to provide an artificial condition for such oocytes to grow up and mature to be used for in vitro fertilization. Sperm are prepared abundantly by nature in male animals. Then, selecting only excellent sperm and oocytes that have high abilities among abundant pools will be crucial. We have been working on in the aim of establishing techniques and criteria for such selection. Furthermore, we are also developing technology to preserve the excellent oocytes, sperm and fertilized eggs until they are in need in future without compromising their abilities.

A calf derived from an in vitro grown oocyte cultured for 2 weeks

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Research Publications

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